The Fairy Castles of Loire

All inclusive tour in the most famous and refined castles of the Loire Valley, lunch and tasting.

360 €

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Feel the atmosphere of magnificent castle
French dishes which are very good with the wine of local wineries
Visit the most romantic and the most refined castle
Interesting and fascinating day

We start our tour with a visit of the Château de Cheverny. This castle is one of the most famous castles of the Loire, it boasts not only its elegant decoration but also an enviable constancy – for almost eight centuries here lived the same family – Yuro de Vibro which faithfully served the French crown. Walking along this magnificent castle, along the luxurious halls of the palace, you will be able to feel the atmosphere of those times by looking at the decoration of the noble people of that century. Surprisingly, all pieces of furniture, decorations and paintings have been preserved in excellent condition, looking at them you may think that the castle is still residential.

Then you will visit the wine domain located next to the chateau, as you know Cheverny and the entire Loir Valley is famous for its delicious wines. Since the Middle Ages local wines have been supplied to all the palaces of the king. In this domain, you will taste several varieties of wine, after which we will take you on a short excursion to the city of Blois, in this ancient city we have planned for you a lunch of several French dishes which are very good with the wine of local wineries. After the lunch, you will be taken to the second, no less famous Chambord Castle, which impresses with its majesty and glory. It was for this castle that King Francis the First was ready to change the course of the Loire River to make it more special, this event could lead to great changes for the whole department.

And finally there’s one more castle to visit in the Loire Valley, and it’s the most romantic and the most refined. Among the people, it is known as the “Castle of Ladies”. He acquired this name thanks to the fact that mostly the women were living inside it including Diana de Poitiers, Katerina Medici. They tried to equip it so that it looked as elegant and beautiful as possible. Very quickly, Château Chenonceau turned into an architectural symbol of France, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. To date, this castle is one of the ten most beautiful castles in the world and its uniqueness lies in the fact that it was built not on the shore, but over the river Cher.Chenonceau is a castle – a bridge, a castle – a fantasy that seems to hang between heaven and water. After seeing this charming castle and captivated by its beauty, we will head to the last place of our excursion to the small town of Amboise, the glory of which spread to the whole world. It was this place that became the last haven for the great and brilliant Leonardo da Vinci. In this town we want to invite you to a cup of coffee in one of the oldest French cafes. And this will be the end of an interesting and fascinating day spent in the Loire Valley after which our driver will take you back to Paris to the doorstep of your hotel.

Programme of the Day:

7.00-7.30 Pick Up + Morning Coffee, French Croissants
10.30 Audio Guide Visit of The Château de Cheverny
12.00 Blois City Visit
12.30 The Lunch of Three Courses
14.00 Audio Guide Visit of Château de Chambord
15.30 Wine Tasting
16.30 Audio Guide Visit of The Château de Chenonceau
18.30 The Coffee Time in Amboise city
19.00-19.30 Back to Paris. Drop Off To Your Hotel

  • The transfer from Paris to the Loire Valley and back.
  • A morning coffee with croissants.
  • The ticket and entry fees to all castles
  • A lunch of three courses

Morning coffee with croissant.

Lunch of several French dishes which are very good with the wine of local wineries.

We have visited three different chateaus. Gorgeous landscapes and a lot of history. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and he spoke very good English, it was easy to understand everything. Lunch was fabulous. Everything was included in the tour. The chateaus were absolutely stunning and would highly recommend people to do this tour.
Kate, Monica, Lizzie, may 2017

Price: 360 €

Duration: about 10 hours

Tour starts at 7.00

Number of persons:
min – 2, max – 8

Tour language: English

Included morning coffee and lunch

Entertainment during road

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