Normandy Region tours

Normandy is a region in the north of France which is famous for its apple plantations and the Calvados; cheese; horse farms on which 75% purebred French horses are grown. Also Normandy attracts with its history and majestic architecture. Everyone knows the rocky island of Mont-Saint-Michel, whose top is crowned by the eponymous abbey in the Gothic style. Mont St. Michel turns into an impassable island during the tides, and at low tide it becomes dangerous with its quicksand. Normandy also has a sad history. Over the capital of Normandy, the city of Rouen, rises the Rouen Cathedral, in which in 1431 was executed Joan of Arc. And forever will remain in memory this tragic date of June 6, 1944, gone down in history as “Day D”, “Operation Neptun”. Near the town of Colleville-sur-Mer, there is the largest American cemetery outside the United States for those who died when landing on the shores of Normandy. Equal rows of white crosses contrast with the green grass on which 9387 soldiers are buried.

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